Rome Fashion Tour


The Rome Fashion Tour is a project created to introduce the public to the heterogeneous and fascinating world of fashion, addressing to passionate people of new trends as well as to those who, simply, are intrigued by the innovations, availing of the prestige of a wonderful and exciting scenario as it is Rome. The inventor and the creator of Rome Fashion Tour is David Moresco, a brilliant stylist and an extreme creative, whose purpose is to make known the most exclusive areas of fashion and creativity through a real tourist and cultural itinerary through the streets of the Italian capital. An eclectic professional eclectic and out of any scheme, the founder and the creator of the Jodiel brand, David Moresco does not follow the impositions of trends, but draws its inspiration from the richness of the world's nuances and its inhabitants. The beauty, as well as the art and the fashion, have no preset colour schemes, but they are the result of a passionate plot, inventive and with fantasy, with an important role played by the culture and traditions. The Jodiel collections of, designed and realized by David Moresco, do not conform to the trends' limits, but develop themselves on forms and unconventional themes, where the transformism and the constant evolution become strength's points. To further enhance the items of clothing created by the designer, is the choice to offer only products Made in Italy.


The Fashion Tour Rome movement has as its primary purpose to engage the public to discover the high fashion spots in Rome through the historical and artistic richness of the city. The project consists of a real tourist itinerary that develops through the streets and places of the city centre where fashion is the protagonist through the presence of shops, boutiques, showrooms and sales points of brands more or less renowned: an occasion to give the public the double opportunity to know the places of Rome's fashion and to walk streets full of art and historical testimonies. With the Rome Fashion Tour the dimension of the fashion and its protagonists is not limited to being simply a commercial element, but becomes an integral part of the liveliness and the beauty of a unique city in the world. The Roman touristc itinerary is developed through all those famous and renowned places all over the world: from the Trevi Fountain to Via Condotti, from Piazza di Spagna to the Imperial Forum, from Trinità dei Monti to Piazza Venezia, and so on, along the most exciting roads of the city, with the added value of high fashion, demonstrating its active presence, lively and engaging. For more details on the Rome Fashion Tour movement , to discover the high fashion itineraries in Rome, presentations, fashion shows and other scheduled events, please contact David Moresco through the special form on this website.