Fashion shows in Rome to spread the culture of Fashion


The purpose of the creation of Rome Fashion Tour movement is first to spread to a more broad and heterogeneous public the idea of a fashion culture not only intended as a seasonal trend, but as an affinity with an active urban context, lively and ever-changing. The project created by the stylist David Moresco intends to propose a series of events and fashion shows in Rome, where high fashion is the protagonist of a city with an enormous artistic value, as a proof of its importance and its role in giving prestige to the cultural image of a city. Through initiatives organized by Rome Fashion Tour, the fashion and art enthusiasts have the opportunity to take part in a series of precisely arranged events to give prominence to a new dimension of the city. The itineraries through the fashion streets, the tourist itineraries that weave showrooms and boutiques of the big brands, the old charm of a city viewed through the lights and colours of a fashion show, are all elements that contribute to the knowledge of an identity Roma outlined by an unusual point of view, but still creative, attractive and engaging. Fashion shows, presentations and events included in initiatives of the Rome Fashion Tour movement, are organized primarily to invite people to walk on the most famous streets of the Italian capital observing them from the point of view of the high fashion, a more than important presence in an heterogeneous and cosmopolitan city.


The fashion shows in Rome and all the other events proposed by Davide Moresco and Rome Fashion Tour are an opportunity for tourists and residents of the city, for visitors and for anyone, curious and passionate people about new trends, art, culture and developments of an increasingly interactive, multicultural and "social" world. The fashion, in fact, represents an important element for the tradition and culture of each place, and trends originate from customs and popular traditions, reinterpreted by stylists with the maximum creativity, to become an expression of elegance and artistic inspiration. Proposing high fashion shows and presentations of new collections on the background of an extraordinary city as Rome, the stylist David Moresco wants to take the opportunity of a culturally unique background to enhance the brand creations and turn them into an integral and important element of the urban context. The sense of initiative of the stylist, well known for its ability to organize performances, flash mobs and events aimed at involving the audience, thus offers an important opportunity to explore the huge artistic heritage of Rome on an itinerary through the fashion streets discovering new trends, approaching a fascinating and spectacular world, but above all linked, by its nature, to the art and the history. So the historic centre of Rome, with its secular and unparalleled charm, becomes the catwalk for the protagonists of high fashion, involving the public in a multicoloured and imaginative journey, full of emotion. To know all the initiatives, the calendars of the fashion shows and events, and for all the details of the Rome Fashion Tour movement, you can contact David Moresco using the contact form provided on this website.