Fashion tour in Rome


Rome, as you know, is a unique city in the world, incomparable for its artistic heritage that holds and for the history and culture testimonies in every street and in every square. To walk on the streets of Rome is a journey through millennia of history, to discover the charm of one of the greatest civilizations developed in the course of the human history and to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of beauty, tradition and art, impossible to meet in other cities. It then becomes natural for David Moresco and the organizers of the fashion Tour of Rome, to place side by side to the historical and the artistic context of the city, a series of itineraries aimed to highlight the high-fashion dimension. It is indisputable as much as the fashion, in its more creative aspects and from the professional point of view constitutes a form of real art, closely linked to local traditions and culture of the territory, and finalized not only to be a source of inspiration to build the look, but also to add a special value to each place. Here then the scenic beauty of Rome becomes the perfect background for a trip where the fashion places merge and intertwine with the secular history of the great Italian city.


The fashion tours in Rome are developed around the historic city centre and in districts where the art, the history and the culture of the place offer the vision of testimonies of immense value. The idea of creating a path of fashion in a city with a huge historical value of the city arises from the desire to encourage the exploration of the urban environment also from the point of view of an evolving and changing art as it is, in fact, the high Italian and international fashion. Following the proposed itinerary by Rome Fashion Tour, not only tourists but also those who are interested in art, culture and tradition may have to know the most beautiful places in the city and at the same time to find out how the presence of high fashion is alive and decisive. Imagining the Trevi Fountain as a centre around which branch off the paths of art and history, the fashion tours of Rome invite people coming closer and to know an intense dimension and full of emotions, through streets and beautiful places where, next to the unavoidable presence of culture and traditions, are placed the most beautiful and elegant shops of the quality fashion. Here then the Imperial Forum, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Borghese, Via del Corso, the Tiber River and all those other famous places all over the world, become an opportunity to follow an itinerary further enriched by boutiques and showrooms of high level.


Through the initiative of the fashion tours of Rome, the stylist David Moresco wants to offer to the public an enjoyable and exciting way to get closer to the stylists dimension, to the creativity and the elegance. Founder of Jodiel brand, thanks to a significant international experience, to an inexhaustible creativity and ability to innovate himself constantly, has been able to offer a high quality product, in tune with current needs, using only materials, fabrics and accessories Made in Italy.According to the stylist's beliefs, the fashion world is a parallel dimension where the access should not only be restricted to operators, but must necessarily involve spectators, onlookers, fans and everyone else who wants to learn more about how styles and trends spring. Creating successful collections, both for clothing and for accessories, shoes and bags, is not only a matter of technical study and design skills, but also a careful and thorough analysis of the social context, of those trends that, while not imposed by a brand, born and impose themselves naturally. Precisely for this reason, the creative spirit of David Moresco is not limited to technical and stylistic issues, but frequently he focuses on what is happening in the world, to evolving habits and preferences.